Social Support

      - Street Lighting
      In response to the lack of lighting in the capital, we took action by installing lighting poles in many streets of Achrafieh. These lighting poles were strategically placed to effectively illuminate the streets, enhancing visibility and creating a safer environment for everyone. This initiative is a testament to our commitment to improving the quality of life in our capital and ensuring that our streets are well-lit and secure for all
      - Empowering Small Businesses
      LOT supports small businesses through an annual Christmas and Spring market. We provide free space and kiosks for small businesses to showcase their products and connect with their community. By organizing these markets, we created a space where more than 320 small business owners gained exposure, promoted their businesses and pursued their passions.
      - Mypad Campaign
      While women across the country face challenges in affording sanitary pads, LOT launched the “Mypad” campaign, targeting 25,000 women all over Lebanon. An awareness campaign about feminine hygiene has been launched with education sessions in schools, hospitals, associations, women prisons and workplaces throughout the Lebanese territory.